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Research Guides

Research Guides are designed to help you with your specific project needs. They are organized by subject and most are linked to a Google Doc. You can make a copy of any research guide so it lives in your Google Drive. 

Other guides are "Destiny Collections" which link to our BHS Destiny Catalog. To access some library resources (eBooks) via Destiny you will need to login to the catalog. You should use your BAS Student ID number both as your username and password.

Research Toolbox

Handy tools to help you during your research. Links about organzing, searching, and citation. 

Mind Maps
Venn Diagram
KWL Chart
Affinity Wall
Search Terms

Copyright 101
Creative Commons

 Math Department
Health Occupations Biographies
Invasive Species
Michigan Envrionmental Issues


English Language Arts

Math and Science

Social Studies

Civics - News Literacy

People Who Took A Stand
Polynesian Seafarers
Silk Road
U.S. History
U.S. Political Parties
Vietnam War
Civil Rights Movement
AP World History
World War II: Turning Point Battles
The 1920s :: The Great Gatsby


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